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Get realtime clicks

Get real-time clicks

Watch it as it unfolds. See the number of times your campaign was clicked from the time you launch your campaign

Data Security

No SDK required

Simply sign up and start creating your campaign links. Publish your links anywhere - Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS or Whatsapp and we will instantly start collecting data for you. You can optionally connect your iTunes Connect account to get advanced reporting like Installs and in-app purchases.

Free Conversion Tracking

Its Free!!

Our app is currently under Beta release. We would like some users to try out our app. This in turn will give us valueable insights into the usage patterns, screenflow and optional feedback from real users

Free Conversion Tracking

Is your campaign effective?

See how many users installed your app after clicking on your campaign link.

Track ROI

How many paying customers?

Measure your ROI by tracking paid conversions resulting from campaign clicks

No SDK Required

Your data is yours

Sensitive information you exchange with App Until Now is always encrypted in transit. Any time you enter a password on the App Until Now website or look at your Dashboard, information will be transmitted using the TLS encryption protocol. You can check this by looking for the “lock icon” in your browser's address bar.